Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A YAY and a few Boo's!!

First the YAY!  Today's color challenge is my favorite combination......RED, black and white.  No problem there.  Now for the bad news :

It's snowing.  RATS!  I forgot how much I really hate the stuff.  I will have to go out in it today to get my car, which is at the repair shop.

Now the REALLY BAD NEWS :  My 10 year old van, which I really love, needs $3000.00 worth of work.  Guess how much it's worth?? YUP. $3000.00. Figures, right?  So now I have to get a new car.  Merry Christmas to me.  I would rather put a sharp stick in my eye than have to go car shopping!  Boy, do I hate that.  The salesman always asks what you want, and all I want is a car that starts and stops when I want it to.  I don't care what color, or what snazzy features, just a darn car.  I'll keep you posted as to how long I'll be in a snit over this.  Hope your day is better than mine!!


  1. good luck, I am with you - I hate buying cars!

  2. I'm in pretty much the same predicament...my 1995 Taurus needs a transmission ($1800) ... the car is worth $2000 - but I'm not buying another car! We have a 2001 Dodge Dakota pick up and I love driving that truck so I have claimed it and hubby is driving the 2008 Taurus :) Good luck car shopping!!!

  3. Bwahahaha - oh I needed a good laugh! So sorry you have to replace your car but oh what a great monologue! I love the "in a snit" line the best!!

    Oh yeah - almost forgot your fabulous card~ love the embossed focal image!! You have a great Holiday!!

    I have heard buying a Saturn is the easiest purchase you can make - walk in see the price buy it - they put the lowest on their sticker so there is no negotiating, and the maintenance coverage is really good -- just FYI~~ Good Luck!!

  4. well your card definitely turned out better than the repair bill for the vehicle-I knew yo uwould love the challenge colors today and make an awesome card

  5. Your card is BEAUTIFUL Anne! Love beautiful heart border and the embossing and gingham ribbon! So pretty!

    Good Luck with your car purchase. Hope you end up with something that meets both your requirements - giggle!

  6. well...I totally understand your 'snit' cuz I am in a 'snit' of my own related to cars....today I was driving home from the pool, minding my own business when a man backed right out and INTO MY CAR.....not MAJOR damage....but just enough to have to deal with some body work and time wasted...IYKWIM....luckily we were both fine, but I am surely having a bit of a bah humbug moment....

    anyhoooo...your red and white creation gave me a smile...so lovely in our RED


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