Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Challenges with My Erin!

Here is Erin's card for the CAS.                         And here  is mine.  Hers is better!
Here is my bookmark for the TLC
And here is Erin's.  We've had fun this morning!

In addition to making cards, me have mad a Blitz Bavarian Torte.  Erin loves to cook and we love to eat.  Makes for a fabulous combination.  We'll have it for dessert Tonight!!


  1. These are darling Anne!! So glad to hear stampers having FUN!! :) HUGS

  2. These looks fantastic! You both rocked these. I really love the bookmarks!

  3. Super awesome creations, Anne...looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, gf!!! I'm glad you and Erin are having a wonderful time creating DGS Cole is staying with us this week and he has been making a few cards, too!!

  4. Fun all around, I like the variations in theme, and all the birds!

  5. Anne, these are fabulous and so precious! Wonderful times and memories!

  6. hmmmm....I see a DT in GD's future

    Fabulous work from both generations


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