Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hang in There!

The challenge for the WT285 today was to use a photo to make a card, layout, or project. Since I only have a few minutes, this was fast and easy for me.

I'm off to Mom's for a few days. She gets her tooth pulled this afternoon, and since we have no idea how she will react, it's better that she not be driving her Cadillac home from the Oral Surgeon's.

I'll stay a couple of days, and we'll play, just the two of us!! Have a great week. I hope you like this photo a freind sent to us!!


  1. OKAY Anne - I think this little frog looks like I feel these days!!! LOL Great card! TFS!

    I hope your moms appointment goes well. (((HUGS)))

  2. OMG, Anne...this is the perfect photo for a card...this will give someone a good laugh!!!! Hope your mom does well after her safe on the road, gf...hugs!!!!

  3. cute photo and card anne-have a great time with your Mom-and enjoy the stamp time with her.

  4. what a very cool vibrant and fun.....

    will be hoping all goes well for your mom


  5. Love your card Anne. I hope thatyour Mom was ok after having her tooth pulled.



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