Friday, April 23, 2010

A Trip To Asia!

No, I'm not off to Asia. Although I would love to see the Far East, it's the good old USA for me! This card is for F4A9 at SCS today, a virtual trip.

Because I love anything Asian, this is the first thing that came to mind. I have this adorable little heron, so I drew in some water and cattails, used my new cb ef, and a gold pen. A little distressing, some hemp and a coin round it out.

I have 2 of my grandsons today. They are both nine, and two cuter and funnier little boys you will never see!! At the moment they are playing a DS (whatever that is!) on the couch, and giggling to beat the band!! Here they are, posing quickly for Grandma!

I'll be spending the day with these guys, and intermittently with DH, so there won't be time for comments today.......I'm sure you will understand.
I won't be in my craft room today, but will be at my station as 6PM hostess for the VSN tonight. I hope you will join me! There are lots of fun projects planned, and great hostesses to challenge you!! See you at 5 PM for the start. Don't forget!!!


  1. I just have to tell you two dudes how handsome you are!!!! And I suppose you are playing the latest and greatest game there,right? Keep Grandma busy today!!!!!
    Anne...Andy is coming tonight for the weekend to switch my computer over to my new one. So I will do what I can for VSN...may have to miss some! Hugs, Judi

  2. Your grandsons remind me of my 2 boys when they were young and into video games...they are real cuties! Love that new EF...perfect for an Asian-themed card! I'm at work this evening so no VSN for me...have fun!

  3. Oh my word Anne, such cute grandsons!! And your card is so very pretty too!!

  4. well....first..those two hunks of cute are they.....I'm sure you will enjoy your time with them and they with you.....

    and this Asian card.....what a you may or may not know, I too am an Asian fan (well, not an Asian fan.....more a fan of Asia....well, you know what I nailed this CAS Asian beauty....bravo, my fried

  5. What handsome little guys! They look like a barrel of fun and energy!

    Love, love, love your fab CAS card! Wonderful scene! Love the embossed backgtround!

  6. Love your Asian card, very clean lines and classic Asian influences, love the twine/charm and gorg bird.... and the two whipper snappers on the couch, how cute are they!

  7. Simply elegant card!!
    Your two grandsons are as cute as they can be!

  8. I am sure you had a fun filled, high energy day with your grandsons. Judging by their smiles, they were excited to spend the day with you. Can life get any sweeter?! BTW- great card!

  9. Well how fun Anne - those guys look like trouble!!! Fun Trouble!!! what cuties they are - and I love your Asian card - that Embossing folder is super!

  10. Your little DGS's are adorable, Anne...aren't little boys fun!!! I love your card, too..sooo elegant with the textured layer and awesome Oriental coin detail!!! Sure wish I could have played with you last night but my DH needed a little attention...sometimes he takes first place over stamping...LOL!!

  11. beautiful Anne!!!

    and two cutie pies!
    enjoy your weekend!
    blessings, Maria

  12. your grandsons are so cute-their big smiles say they are happy to be with grandma.
    I am partial to boys-I have 2 sons and 3 grandsons.
    I like your card as well-great challenge card


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