Friday, September 4, 2009

A Long Story......

Here is my Scrapling for the challenge this morning. I combined it with the DDC hosted by Joanne (sleepyinseattle). She dared us to make something with apples. Perfect for this time of year. I hope you will join us by putting DDC in your keyword. I also slipped this into the RedDivas gallery, 'cause I think it's mostly RED, right????????

I just got back from Mom's.......stayed longer than I planned. She really wanted me to stay and play a little more! We had a great time shopping and stamping. I went there to take her to the eye doctor since she wouldn't be able to drive. Since I was so close, I made plans to finally get together with my SCS friend, Julia (artystamper), for dinner. She lives only one town away from Mom. How cool is that????????? When we were seated, this is what she gave me!!! Not only is it RED, it was full of RED and white peppermint candy!!!

Here is a picture of the two of us, taken by a waitress while I am having a lovely HOT FLASH! Don't I look great???!!!!!!!! I really did wear RED so Julia would find me, by I took off that jacket while I was flashing.........I seem to be RED enough, don't I?????? By the way, Julia ia wearing her Anne Boleyn pin she got in England!!

In front of Julia are the two birthday cards Mom and I made for her (Sept. 5th is the day), and obviously mine is RED! The really funny thing card and Julia's gift to me were done with the same stamp set!! Are we on the same page or what????
Anyway, we sat and talked for two hours, and I don't think either of us drew a breath. (We are BOTH very SHY!!........NOT!) The time went by too fast, but we will surely do this again. I had such a fabulous time, and spent the next hour telling my mother how wonderful Julia is!!
Okay. I told you it was a long story...........but certainly worth the telling, if you got this far! Have a great day, and wish Julia a Happy Birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday my friend!!!


  1. Oh wow!! How fun is that!!?? What a lovely creation and I love ALL the red pretty projects display here today!! TFS!! HUGS

  2. Very cute, love all those apples!! Enjoy your weekend Anne!

  3. What fun, Anne, that you and Julia finally met!! And I think it was so sweet of your mama to make Julia a birthday card, too.
    Your scrapling is darling! I love the heart scalloped border and apple ribbon. I made an apple card today for our challenge, too, but after I got all done, I found out it doesn't fit the challenge requirements because I made a Christmas card----not autumn! Oi vay! Back to the drawing board.
    Anywhoooo, I'm so glad you and Julia got to hook up!

  4. Its so fun meeting our stamping friends IRL isnt it?!?! Glad you two had a great time!! Love your apple ribbon on your scrapling!!

  5. life is so grand when we get to meet face to face the many friends we spend each day happy you both had a fab time......

  6. Love your scrapling card Anne - I'm trying to get one done today (day late dollar shy!) that bucket of apples is perfect for Joanne's DDC challenge to us!

    We had just such a great visit together the other night - it seemed like we had already been friends for ever!

  7. Love your scrapling, Anne!

    What a fun visit! So happy the two of you could meet!


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