Monday, September 28, 2009

2nd Post - for CAS

I decided to also do the CAS today as it was a color challenge. I thought this Make An Impression stamp of butterflies was just right. Maybe I should have used a lighter pink marker? I was afraid it would be washed out, but maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, it was fun to do while we are waiting. Great things happening here today! The guys are coming to pump out our septic system (STINKY!), and a guy is coming to measure to replace the glass in one of our sliding glass doors (we have 3 sets, and one part is cloudy). Isn't that fabulous? As a result (and because we have lost weight - 10# for me, 20# for DH) we are celebrating by blowing the diet entirely with lunch out, and dinner at DS's. Back to the diet tomorrow.

If you are still reading along, please take a look at the funny card I made earlier this morning below.


  1. Anne, this is so gorgeous!! I love that beautiful ribbon!! :)

  2. this is beautiful (but, of course) and i don't think a lighter pink would have worked as well - but that's just my opinion.

    woooo hoooo on the wgt loss. just what diet are you doing? if i may ask?

    and we have 2 sets of sliding doors and need new glass for ALL 4 PANES and for that same reason. UGH!


  3. Pretty, pretty Anne! it looks like a lovely stained glass window! Hope all your projects got done for you today! (especially the septic!!LOL!!!) congrats on the 10# (I think I found them!)

  4. Nice - it looked like stained glass at first - nice technique! Good job on your dieting - go splurge and enjoy something delightful!!

  5. This is gorgeous!! I just love the stained glass look!! Great colors!! Enjoy your time out!!! Congrats on the weight loss!

  6. Sooo pretty, Anne!!!! I love the pretty colors and the image is really beautiful!!!! Congrats on the fdiet success, gf....hope you had a wonderful lunch!!!!


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