Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower Soft is Messy! and a Sad Ending.....

I decided to do the Ways To Use It Challenge at SCS today. I needed some happy RED to shake off some not so good news.
My DIL, Debbie, got a gift certificate from her Middle School students for a mani-pedi, and she was very excited to get one for the first time. As she was leaving, she fell, and broke her ankle, tore the ligaments, and suffered a dislocation. She went to the hospital, where they gave her DRUGS, and she had surgery this morning.
We didn't know until this afternoon whether or not we would have Jake, our DGS, stay with us, or how she was doing, so we have been here all day waiting to hear.......she is now home, and DS says she is okay. I will feel better after speaking with her. Men are not good at telling who, what, and all that stuff.
In the meantime, keeping busy with the challenge was a bit of a sweet friend Anne (Itsapassion) sent me some Flower Soft. I didn't remember what she told me about how to use it. as a result, even though I used it sparingly, it's all over my table, shirt, pants, hands, you know!
I hope you like the card, and I will keep you posted on Debbie's condition!!


  1. gorgeous card in spite of it all. with flower soft you need to take it out of its package into a larger tub (like a sandwich bag or tupperware) then fluff it up. use it like glitter.... place glue then dab flower soft on top - you get the idea.

    omg!!!! how awful about DIL! YIKES! did she miss a step??? i will keep her in my prayers and keep us posted, please!


  2. will keep your DIL in my prayers....

    so...Flower Soft is messy....maybe I am now glad I never got around to today's challenge as I was also going to use it for the first

    anyhooooo...your card is fab...

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your poor DIL's misfortunate accident, Anne. Sounds like you had a grand time with the Flower Soft, too. I don't have any but I did see it when I was at Sharon's house, and that stuff does blow up when you take it out of its original packaging!! You still managed to make a beautiful card, dear friend.

  4. This is just so pretty, Anne! I know what you mean about flower soft...I have only used it once, but it is kind of messy! I really love what you did with the wide ribbon on this card...very fun!

    i do hope your DIL is doing horrible for her! I hope she heals quickly!!

  5. How odd - Wednesday night I fell and messed up my ankle, too, but not nearly as badly as Debbie - poor thing. That must have been SOME fall. ouch. Love your card - that striped ribbon is some of my favorite and that's a great way to incorporate it.

  6. Oh my - your poor DIL! what a terrible ending to a fun outing! I hope she is ok Anne!

    Flower soft IS a bit messy - I don't think there is a way to not get it all over! Love your sweet flower pot with the cute little lady bug climbing up the side - great piece of ribbon and love that punched panel!


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