Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erin makes more cards!

In Erin's words:
The card on the left is a birthday card, that says "Do the math, you're old", which I think is hilarious! (this, from Erin!) The one on the right is really cute with those little owls. Thanks for looking.


  1. Just beautiful. I can't decide which on I like better - but you know what I don't have too because they are both equally as creative and stunning! Outstanding job!!!!

  2. Tell Erin she has me rolling in the floor with this fabulous card!!!

    Love the flames and burned corner, but the sentiment is sensational!!!

    I will file this away in the "I've got to make one of these file"!!!

  3. oh yeah! she's yours!

    great job erin!!!!


  4. Anne, both cards are super cute and wonderful!!! Great designs and looks!!!

  5. These are so fabulous Anne!! I really love the owls card!! She's talented just like YOU!! ;)

  6. I love Erin's cards!! Ha ha!! Especially the Do the Math one, I gotta remember that!!


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