Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, You OLD guy!!

Just to prove that I really can do a card without RED, I have made another in black and white. This will go to my favorite cousin, Greg, who has a faaaaaabulous sense of humor (he even laughs at himself!). When he gets this in the mail, I am sure to get a phone call, reminding me that no matter how old he gets, I'll always be OLDER! And I will graciously accept it, as it's the truth.

Thanks for looking, and for your comments.


  1. ROFL!!!!!!! This is just so darn cute! I really love everything about it!

  2. TEEHEE!! So fun Anne!! Love the black and white with that striped paper!! I'm sure he'll love it!! :)

  3. Very clever & cute! He's sure to love it! You are blessed with a great sense of humor!



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