Monday, March 2, 2009

Cherokee Prayer Blessing

What a fun challenge today....Crimped Envelope Pocket Card!! It took a long time to make, but I think it's one of the best things I've done. If you want to click on the picture, you can see it fully. Lots of inks, lots of stamps, a hand-cut tepee, and a fabulous sentiment. In case you can't read it, it says:
May the Warm Winds of Heaven blow softly upon your house. May the Great Spirit bless all who enter there. May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows, and may the Rainbow always touch your shoulder.

We could make "happy tracks" in the snow easily...we are having a Nor'easter in MA...we expect 12 inches!

Thanks for joining me, and have a fabulous day!!!


  1. What a darling ensemble you have here!! I haven't even checked out the challenge yet today!! But it looks like fun!! TFS! :)

  2. Anne... this is just adorable... as is your blog! So glad you are blogging... and look at all these awards already! You go girl!!!

  3. I LOVE this Anne! what a wonderful job stamping on this! love the popped up Indian girl and the wonderful verse - the great ribbon on the top - super design!!

  4. This is stunning. I kept mine sooooo basic and boring. Fabulous dahling! Fabulous!

  5. OMG, Anne....this is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! I love the little Indian girl and the teepe, clouds, feather, sentiment.... everything is sooo awesome!!! You sure did an awesome job on this, girlfriend!!!

  6. What a beautiful prayer Anne.. I had planned to make a card for the technique.. but someone in my house broke my crimper.. of course, everyone I asked, said "It wasn't me.." If only I had a dollar for everytime I hear that!
    But your card is wonderful.. love those little girls of the world..

  7. This is way cute... I think I need to clean my craft room again... ugh.

    Also, it's moccasins... silly mommy...

  8. Stunning! Incredible! I LOVE it! So cute and the details are fabulous. Fantastic Job Anne!
    :) Rachel


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