Thursday, September 3, 2015

CCEE1536 Skyscraper Day

Lois is our hostess for the  month of September.  Today is her birthday (Happy Birthday girlfriend!!)...also that of Louis Sullivan, the architect credited with designing the first skyscraper in 1856.  Today's challenge is a Word Play.......include on your card something that starts with each of the letters in CITY.

Here's my card:

Did you figure out the letter items??

C = city, clown, circus, clouds, clumps of grass, clubs

I = Indian Clubs (for juggling)

T = tent, tie (polka dotted), trees

Y = yellow (hair, tent, sun, clubs)

Please join in the fun this week!!


  1. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner....didn't you have a wild and crazy time with all those dies spelling out CITY!!! What a fun, adorable card, Anne!

  2. What a fun card Anne! love your carnival/circus in the city! Great job getting all the letters in!! Julia xx

  3. The circus is coming to town!!! Way cool card, Anne -- love your cityscape in the background.

  4. Layers and layers of fun with this fabulous die cut design, Anne! What an awesome card!

  5. I have to agree with Vicky, this just has it all going for these letters and all so absolutely fun!!!! Sure to bring tons of smiles!!

  6. Brilliant, Anne - and you should get an extra bonus for including a clown, I am sure. You have so much going on, it makes me think of a child's ABC book with all the items there are to find for each letter, adding up to such a fun scene.

  7. Yeah the circus is coming to town, love the city skyline die that you have used

  8. what a wonderfully fun scene you have created on your card .... love love love

  9. what a wonderful cityscape....imagine the excitement of the little ones living in the city on the day the circus arrives....fabulous


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