Thursday, January 23, 2014

CCEE1404 Bright Flowers

Sabrina challenged us to "bring some colour to January with some bright flowers".  Here are mine:

Now I know there are no tulips and Hollyhocks or gladiolas to bloom in January in Massachusetts, but they are colorful, aren't they?

Please join us in making some bright flowers. Be sure to link your card or project HERE.


  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see these beauties instead of snow and cold! What a breath of fresh air, Anne!

  2. Beautiful bright flowers, Anne. And while your sky may be cloudy at least it's blue sky, while ours is like a grey lid pressing down on everything. Thank you for some bright happiness this morning and some great RED flowers.

  3. Beautiful flowers, Anne. Even though they aren't actually blooming in Massachusetts today doesn't mean you can't enjoy paper ones! Stay warm!!!

  4. so fresh and delightful....I almost pulled this set out too, but then didn't.....yours is fabulous

  5. I can just feel the warm spring/summer breeze!!


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