Thursday, August 8, 2013

CCEE1332 Make Your Own Embellishments

Our Hostess Vicky challenged us to :

Make our own embellishments
   (buttons, flowers, brads, etc.)
   AND - use at least 2 designer papers
        and an embossing folder.

I made my own buttons, something I seldom do, but I love them!!

Please join us, linking your card HERE.  See you next week.


  1. Love your card, Anne. Your 3-D flower is beautiful, and your buttons look great! We definitely have things in common!!!

  2. Embossing your DP, aren't you the clever one killing two birds with one stone there Anne. As always your ribbon looks so beautiful (care to come and visit and give me some lessons) and the black and blue is so striking.
    p.s. Love the layered flower - and of course your buttons :D.
    I was thinking of sending my card to your mom for her August card, but I think I made it so dimensional I'd have trouble packing it safely, LOL. I'll find her something easier to mail.

  3. Anne,
    Beautiful and elegant card - and your 3D flower looks so lovely!

  4. What a beautiful card, Anne. I agree with Lois, your flower is gorgeous! Good buttons too!

    (Stopped in to check out my email and comment on today's CCEE cards. My sis is in a lot of pain, but that's to be expected. We do believe this fusion worked and in 6 months or so, she'll be good as new! No internet there and I'm in withdrawal!)

  5. I love your buttons too....look real, not faux, to me....loving all the blues too


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